About Us

EXPERIENCE Phase Global Media Group originated from years of product development, marketing and logistics expertise. Our mission is to identify, produce, market and sell interesting products and opportunities, specializing in online and Internet related endeavors. This covers an endless source of undertakings which is why we’re a very excited and optimistic young company.

PRODUCT The human thirst for expressive, entertaining and informative content will never be quenched. Media touches us in every aspect of our lives, and the desire for each to have a personal experience creates and endless demand. The web is the distribution channel of the future with little to no boundaries to entry, but market rules as old as time still apply – quality matters. An ad-hoc video filmed with an iPhone may go viral and score a million views, but will it create a sustainable experience with a consistent audience to build a steady revenue stream? No. Same thing applies to online website publishing, mobile apps, and other interactive products. Phase Global has the will, the brains and the capacity to build integrated experiences using today’s programming, design, video and interactive production for endeavors we deem to be worthwhile investments.

MARKET Marketing can be defined as the art of creating successful transactions. We think that holds true, but it also reaches so much further. The modern day prospect or customer expect and demand a vivid presentation and relationship with what they buy and how they spend their time. What this means to us is that we need to be prepared and efficient at producing large amounts of communicative material and can consistently interact with audiences in a real meaningful way. We believe the experience value is just as, if not more, important as the principal product.

MONETIZE We get out of bed to make money, plain and simple. A great product experience doesn’t mean a thing unless we’ve somehow monetized our technical and communicative efforts. We analyze and choose the right arrow in the quiver to bring in the most amount of dollars for the least amount of effort. Whether eCommerce, audience aggregation or traditional sales force we combine technology and business workflows to set up transactions and make sales.